Want to buy some real estate? Follow my plan.

  1. Read and sign my Agency Disclosure.
  2. Get a FREE initial consultation. Let's discuss your path forward via phone or zoom at your convenience. Text Ron at 504-650-1523 to set up a time.
  3. Get qualified for a mortgage. The first thing lenders check is your credit score. You can monitor your score on sites like Credit Karma and Credit Sesame. You can get free credit report annually. If your credit is in good shape then skip to #4. If not, let's work to improve your credit score. It's better to take some time to improve your score than to force it with low scores. Better scores will mean better terms on your mortgage insurance and other long term cost items. Read more about monitoring and free credit reports at the FTC.gov website.
  4. Get Pre-Approved with a great lender. We can refer your to the best lenders in town.
  5. Shop for houses. Hundreds, and maybe thousands, of web sites online have the same properties for sale and they all come from the New Orleans MLS. Ron Mazier is a broker member of the MLS and even served on their Board of the Directors.
  6. When you find the house you like, you'll want to review the Property Disclosure, Lead Paint Disclosure, and any other disclosure made by the seller.
  7. Then make an offer on the standard Louisiana Purchase Agreement. If you're buying a condo then the offer needs to include the Condominum Addendum
  8. Your offer may be accepted, rejected or countered. If accepted, skip to the next step. If rejected, can still make another offer. If your offer is countered you can accept the counter or counter the counter using this counter offer form.
  9. Once your offer is accepted you have a contract and a few actions are required. 1) Deposit, 2) Inspections, 3) Insurance quotes and other costs.
  10. Pay a deposit. This is NOT a downpayemnt but the deposit is paid back to you at closing and can be part of your downpayment.
  11. Schedule Inspections. Home inspector in Louisiana are required to be licensed by the LSBHI. You may need other specialty inspectors like sewer video, pools, etc.
  12. Get Insurance Quotes. Homeowners and Flood insurance are generally required by lenders. You may consider more insurance coverage as well.